Which Omega series is the best, recommended for you

Omega is the world’s leading watch companies and brands, the English name omega, on behalf of the symbol “Ω.” Founded by Louis Brandt in 1848, the birth of many series of Omega watch, marking the history of the brilliant achievements of tabulation, disdain. Development has been, there are Omega disc flying, Speedmaster, Constellation, hippocampus, especially so a few big series. Well, the best that Omega series? Personally think that James Bond and the 007 series together should be considered better?

Omega 007 hippocampus series recommended

Omega Omega 007 50 anniversary limited edition watch
In the 007 series released 50 anniversary of the film, Omega (Omega) launched the hippocampus series “James Bond 007 50 anniversary collectors” limited edition watch. And Bond, like Omega, this hippocampus series of limited models with many superior technology, so watch to adapt to harsh environments, to meet the challenge.

Omega mega007 50 anniversary limited series adhering to the series of rough diving style, continued for the first time in 1957 hippocampus series 300 diving style, the application of modern technology and aesthetic design, showing the classic diving style. 41 mm diameter case made of stainless steel material, the case on the bezel is the use of matte surface of chromium diving ceramic scale ceramic ring, can effectively resist the corrosion of seawater, and wear resistance. The bezel on the red “50” highlight this watch is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 007 film release and special launch.

“SKYFALL” limited edition 600 meters dive watch
Since the 1995 “Golden Eyes” (GoldenEye) began, Omega Seamaster watch has been James Bond is one of the envy of the equipment. In the “Golden Eye” after the four 007 films, the Omega watch along with the super agent to fire and water, and the opponent to start a field desperate battle, and help him out of the woods in critical condition. In the “007 big break sky crisis” (SKYFALL), James Bond will wear a Omega Seamaster series of 600 meters of marine universe diving watch, this watch with 42 mm steel case, black dial with matte black one-way Rotate the ceramic bezel.

Both watch the quality and appearance are impeccable, as one of the James Bond’s right-hand man, their presence so that the whole Omega to enhance a grade.

As with every ocean universe watch, “SKYFALL” limited edition 600 meters dive watch can be accompanied by you underwater adventure. The watch is equipped with one-way rotating bezel and row of helium valves, waterproof up to 600 meters.