The solution of Omega watch entering water

First, the solution of Omega watch entering water
If there is only a simple layer of mist inside the watch, then you can try the following methods: 1 first with silicone and watch on the sealed box, after a period of time out of the watch to see if it has been cleared.
2 If there is no silicone at home, or with silicone treatment Omega watch fog is not completely removed, then try to wear anti-wear watches.
3. Or look for a relatively large number of watts of household electric bulb hot grill, grilled before the first layer with a clean soft cloth or tissues Muffler watch wrapped to prevent deformation of the table caused by damage to the table, but can not be directly fired with open flame .
4, or not, you can only have a water mist of the Omega watch sent to a professional watch repair service center to wash oil maintenance, to prevent the movement caused by corrosion.
5, dial on the dial, then the general method of addition to water can not completely remove the water, should be soon after the failure to watch the watch after-sale washing oil in addition to washing, so as not to cause further corrosion on the table. Such as Omega water meter fell into the water, the washing machine, to the sauna and other high-temperature and high humidity places, rainy day wear table and so on to the professional Omega watch repair center to check the oil.