The Omega Voyage De Ville Series

De Ville is the classical elegance of the Omega product line. De Ville in French is the meaning of the city, in 1960, the watch industry in a thin trend since the birth of the times, with the evolution of the times, De Ville will always maintain the elegant atmosphere of gentlemen and ladies. Introduced Co-Axial Chronometer X2 in 2005; 2007, equipped with the Omega self-movement of the Hour Vision, take Our Vision homophonic, meaning betting time vision, more towards a new stage .
Based on the movement, Omega has also become an important course of development in 1999 Omega coaxial escapement with the introduction of the Cal.2500, is a few centuries in addition to the Swiss lever escapement system, the first with the practicality of the revolutionary invention , Since the opening of its legend; 2005, Cal.3313 coaxial timing movement debut, once again show the amazing development and watchmaking Omega strength; 2007, Omega launched 8500/8501 coaxial escapement movement, composed of This coaxial escapement movement of 202 parts, all from the Omega own R & D and production, is the first by the brand coaxial development of the whole movement, a sensation throughout the Swiss table altar. Movement of the movement of the stability of a longer time, more convenient adjustment time, because the clock can be independently adjusted, does not affect the operation of the minute hand and the second hand, is a shuttle in different time zones of travelers accurate timepieces, regardless of appearance and mechanical properties All for the development of Omega provides a solid foundation.
Tourbillon technology since more than 200 years ago has been available, has been in the watchmaking process of cutting-edge, Omega since 1947 production tourbillon watch, in 2007, the tourbillon and coaxial escapement system combined to enhance the long-term movement of the movement Stability and accuracy; and tourbillon placed in the center of the movement, through the table mirror clearly see the tourbillon and coaxial escapement system operation; titanium material tourbillon frame and chocolate color floor, highlighting the innovative material Sophisticated design. The tourbillon in the birth of the birth of the twenty-first century to promote the development of the field watch, it is an important technological breakthrough 250 years.
2009 is Omega escapement system come out ten anniversary, Omega win with calendar function and Si 14 silicon crystal gossamer Cal.8611, and the world’s first female silicon Si 14 silicon crystal movement Cal.8520 / 8521 , The outbreak of the amazing Omega R & D capability, again detonated topic, and then for the legendary classic and innovative R & D done the perfect demonstration!
This mechanical watch device 8611 high-precision movement, the Swiss official Chronometer watch certification, with real-time beat calendar performance, can automatically distinguish the month is 30 or 31, each year only on March 1 manpower to adjust the watch Once, for the watchmaking technology to write a new page. Eight non-limited models are red gold and steel four, calendar limited edition global limited edition 160.
This series uses the industry’s first outstanding device – 100% self-made 8500/8501 double winding barrel movement, equipped with exclusive coaxial escapement, the altar table configuration of the first 360-degree perspective completely sapphire crystal watch movement Shell, as well as patented screws and chain pins, and many other innovative design. Metal chain with Omega patented screw and chain pin combination, only a screwdriver can be demolished.
Calendar watch
Inspired by Omega in 1951 designed by the advent of the Cosmis watches, this section with more bold lines and more delicate details of the watch to build, the spirit of the contemporary into the Omega tradition of fine tabulation process, the integration of disc coaxial capture Vertical X2 large calendar window table models, distinctive square design, triangular lugs to mirror, matte interlaced grinding, showing a wealth of visual effects.
Chronograph watch
The word “Chronoscope” comes from Greek mythology, which refers to the khronos of the chronological god and the skopos of the observer, and its multiple timing functions provide unparalleled timing readability. This section uses coaxial escapement 3313 self-winding movement, sports-style face plate design, not only to watch the face plate is more lawful aesthetic sense can also take into account the time to read the useful features.