The solution of Omega watch entering water

First, the solution of Omega watch entering water
If there is only a simple layer of mist inside the watch, then you can try the following methods: 1 first with silicone and watch on the sealed box, after a period of time out of the watch to see if it has been cleared.
2 If there is no silicone at home, or with silicone treatment Omega watch fog is not completely removed, then try to wear anti-wear watches.
3. Or look for a relatively large number of watts of household electric bulb hot grill, grilled before the first layer with a clean soft cloth or tissues Muffler watch wrapped to prevent deformation of the table caused by damage to the table, but can not be directly fired with open flame .
4, or not, you can only have a water mist of the Omega watch sent to a professional watch repair service center to wash oil maintenance, to prevent the movement caused by corrosion.
5, dial on the dial, then the general method of addition to water can not completely remove the water, should be soon after the failure to watch the watch after-sale washing oil in addition to washing, so as not to cause further corrosion on the table. Such as Omega water meter fell into the water, the washing machine, to the sauna and other high-temperature and high humidity places, rainy day wear table and so on to the professional Omega watch repair center to check the oil.

Omega watch features – the achievements and the perfect representative

Omega brand introduction

Wear Omega watches, on behalf of the achievements and perfect, Omega watch industry and the advertising industry are well-known name from the Greek alphabet (omega), began in 1848, loved by the taste of people. Omega in sailing, track and field, swimming and other world-class events as the standard time, and often sponsor the European golf tournament, won the Olympic Games designated timer up to 31 times. Omega is the first and only one was worn on the moon watch.
Omega first to carry coaxial escapement technology

Omega Coaxial Escapement System – A Revolution of the Advanced Watch Industry. In the beginning of the third millennium, Omega grand launch of innovative technology to redefine the whole mechanical tabulation theory. Escapement system is the soul of each mechanical form the core components, the basic manufacturing theory behind it has been unchanged for more than 200 years. Today, Omega worn out, and watchmakers George Daniels co-developed a new escapement coaxial escapement system design. The latest design mainly by the coaxial escapement device, with 3 jeweled escapement fork and the impeller on the wheel of the gem and a non-card balance hairspring balance wheel. Coaxial escapement system can effectively reduce the friction between the gem components, so that the watch in the long-term operation is still maintained under the precision and accuracy.
Omega brand positioning characteristics

Excellent quality, a century classic. After the above comparison can be seen: Omega brand watches have a strong potential market competitiveness. Its marketing target not only for 12–24 year-old generation, but includes all ages, it is luxurious and noble fashion, and suitable for any class of people, has a huge sales market. Now the popular saying: a taste of people do not spend money to buy gold chain, but spend money to buy a fine noble time with the body.

Omega watches features

(1) Omega is now using the mechanical movement is the patent movement, is produced. Big brands, high-end taste, suitable for people who have temperament to wear, age 20 to 50 are suitable for a few, the specific age to wear a different series of styles. In terms of technology and design, Omega not only has numerous accurate records, and excellent design, the first number of technologies, such as manufacturing the world’s first only in the tourbillon watch. Escapement system is the soul of each mechanical watch the core components, coaxial escapement system can effectively reduce the friction between the gem components, so that the watch is still under long-term operation to maintain precision and accuracy.

(2) Omega counter to buy in general are more than 10,000. Omega watches in the industry are high-end brands. But Omega does not mind positioning itself in the mid-range, it does not go with Patek Philippe (PP), Jaeger-LeCoultre (JL), Cartier (Cartier), Audemars Piguet (AP) and Vacheron Constantin (VC) and other handmade watches Competition, (Tissot), Plum (Titoni), Swatch (Swatch) and among many Japanese watches, with the traditional precision and modern sensibility, Omega long-sleeved dance, fame and fortune.

Omega Speedmaster Series racing chronograph

1957 Omega Speedmaster Series watch has been released, with its extraordinary timing performance and superior design aesthetic by racing drivers and rally drivers sought after. In fact, its dial design inspiration is also from the Italian car dashboard. Omega Speedmaster series watch is the first speed gauge to move from the dial to the bezel of the chronograph. Its first print ad has written the following copy: “The two racing fans on the picture race against time to end … … They are not used to timing the timer, but the new Omega high precision wrist time tachometer – Speedmaster series watch.
The new Omega Speedmaster Series racing chronograph is super watch timetable and racing dozens of deep roots of the tribute – as early as landing the moon or be worn to the Earth before the North and South Poles, Speedmaster watches have been frequently appear in Driving high-performance cars on the wrist of men and women car.

Omega Speedmaster Series racing chronograph with 40 mm steel case, bezel with a matte black aluminum speed ring. Different watches of the speed scale color is also different, there are gray, gray and yellow and gray-red to choose from. Screwed into the back of the table with a familiar pattern of hippocampus badge.

Dial and small dial also provide different colors to choose from, see table for technical information. 30 minutes, 12-hour chronograph Small dial and small seconds dial with a triangular “Paris stud” pattern texture. The date window is at 6 o’clock. Hour, minute and hour markers are covered with luminous coating.
Omega Speedmaster series racing chronograph equipped with Omega’s unique 3330 movement. Movement not only with a longitudinal wheel timing device, and equipped with coaxial escapement system and Si14 silicon material gossamer. These extraordinary characteristics of a cohesive, for the watch to bring more reliable timing performance and stability, therefore, this watch can enjoy up to 4 years after-sales service guarantee.

Omega Speedmaster series racing chronograph with stainless steel bracelet or black rubber strap. Water depth of 100 meters.

Since Omega released the first perfect time to calculate the speed of the watch since the watch, has been 55 years. More than half a century later, the new Speedmaster series racing chronograph comes out, is the Omega brand and the great racing and the glory of the relationship between the rally.

The Omega Voyage De Ville Series

De Ville is the classical elegance of the Omega product line. De Ville in French is the meaning of the city, in 1960, the watch industry in a thin trend since the birth of the times, with the evolution of the times, De Ville will always maintain the elegant atmosphere of gentlemen and ladies. Introduced Co-Axial Chronometer X2 in 2005; 2007, equipped with the Omega self-movement of the Hour Vision, take Our Vision homophonic, meaning betting time vision, more towards a new stage .
Based on the movement, Omega has also become an important course of development in 1999 Omega coaxial escapement with the introduction of the Cal.2500, is a few centuries in addition to the Swiss lever escapement system, the first with the practicality of the revolutionary invention , Since the opening of its legend; 2005, Cal.3313 coaxial timing movement debut, once again show the amazing development and watchmaking Omega strength; 2007, Omega launched 8500/8501 coaxial escapement movement, composed of This coaxial escapement movement of 202 parts, all from the Omega own R & D and production, is the first by the brand coaxial development of the whole movement, a sensation throughout the Swiss table altar. Movement of the movement of the stability of a longer time, more convenient adjustment time, because the clock can be independently adjusted, does not affect the operation of the minute hand and the second hand, is a shuttle in different time zones of travelers accurate timepieces, regardless of appearance and mechanical properties All for the development of Omega provides a solid foundation.
Tourbillon technology since more than 200 years ago has been available, has been in the watchmaking process of cutting-edge, Omega since 1947 production tourbillon watch, in 2007, the tourbillon and coaxial escapement system combined to enhance the long-term movement of the movement Stability and accuracy; and tourbillon placed in the center of the movement, through the table mirror clearly see the tourbillon and coaxial escapement system operation; titanium material tourbillon frame and chocolate color floor, highlighting the innovative material Sophisticated design. The tourbillon in the birth of the birth of the twenty-first century to promote the development of the field watch, it is an important technological breakthrough 250 years.
2009 is Omega escapement system come out ten anniversary, Omega win with calendar function and Si 14 silicon crystal gossamer Cal.8611, and the world’s first female silicon Si 14 silicon crystal movement Cal.8520 / 8521 , The outbreak of the amazing Omega R & D capability, again detonated topic, and then for the legendary classic and innovative R & D done the perfect demonstration!
This mechanical watch device 8611 high-precision movement, the Swiss official Chronometer watch certification, with real-time beat calendar performance, can automatically distinguish the month is 30 or 31, each year only on March 1 manpower to adjust the watch Once, for the watchmaking technology to write a new page. Eight non-limited models are red gold and steel four, calendar limited edition global limited edition 160.
This series uses the industry’s first outstanding device – 100% self-made 8500/8501 double winding barrel movement, equipped with exclusive coaxial escapement, the altar table configuration of the first 360-degree perspective completely sapphire crystal watch movement Shell, as well as patented screws and chain pins, and many other innovative design. Metal chain with Omega patented screw and chain pin combination, only a screwdriver can be demolished.
Calendar watch
Inspired by Omega in 1951 designed by the advent of the Cosmis watches, this section with more bold lines and more delicate details of the watch to build, the spirit of the contemporary into the Omega tradition of fine tabulation process, the integration of disc coaxial capture Vertical X2 large calendar window table models, distinctive square design, triangular lugs to mirror, matte interlaced grinding, showing a wealth of visual effects.
Chronograph watch
The word “Chronoscope” comes from Greek mythology, which refers to the khronos of the chronological god and the skopos of the observer, and its multiple timing functions provide unparalleled timing readability. This section uses coaxial escapement 3313 self-winding movement, sports-style face plate design, not only to watch the face plate is more lawful aesthetic sense can also take into account the time to read the useful features.

Omega Ladymatic female Watch

Female watch , diamond-studded luxury section is commonplace, but only luxurious materials and can not really appreciate the appreciation of women, wonderful design and technology is the best way to capture the beauty of the heart, as small Today introduced to you this from Omega Ladymatic female form.

Omega Ladymatic female table series to add a new gorgeous Zhenpin – 18K red gold or steel and elegant steel with, the interpretation of the beauty of fashion personality.
Omega Ladymatic female form not only looks elegant and soft, but also equipped with industry-leading mechanical movement, since its inception has been leading the field of women’s fashion fashion. Today, the new Ladymatic two-color watch stunning adventure, 18K gold and steel with a unique style, so that this excellent series of more brilliant elegance watch.

Ladymatic two-color watch with mellow brown dial or white mother of pearl dial, the dial decorated with unique sun ray ray pattern, 11 diamond hour scale embedded in 18K gold arch brackets, sparkling. Polished hour hand, minute hand and second hand with 18K gold material. The double-sided anti-reflective arc-shaped anti-wear sapphire crystal for the table to provide comprehensive protection.
34 mm case with bright dazzling snowflake bezel or pure and elegant polished steel bezel, screw-in crown inlaid with “Omega-cut” diamonds. The distinctive white or brown ceramic ring is located between 18K red gold or gold decorative ripple and inner ring case body. Ladymatic two-color watch with 18K red gold steel or 18K gold steel bracelet, or the use of elegant white or brown satin leather strap.
This personalized watch models equipped with internal Omega 8520 coaxial movement, was awarded the Swiss official Observatory certification. Movement in the configuration of Si14 silicon material gossamer and three coaxial escapement system for the watch to bring excellent stability performance. Ladymatic two-color watch waterproof 10 atm (100 m / 330 feet), enjoy up to four years after-sales service guarantee.

Old Omega watch identification and collection

Omega antique table
Antique table is the most important category, as to what is the “antique table”? Although commonly referred to as “antique” word to the historical scale, but due to the history of the clock is still short, not like furniture, Towards several generations, as long as no longer continue to produce the table, can be described as the “antique table.”
Writer expert energy is limited, even the case, the movement of the mark, has not seen a comprehensive identification of the book. In any case, the accumulation of knowledge is needed, pay tuition is also necessary. Taiwan saw a home second-hand table treasure, you know to become experts, the tuition fees will be ruthless.
As for the identification of the movement, compared with the dial identification is not so intuitive, and need to have a certain degree of expertise, and even have to repair the experience to be competent. Different models and grades of the movement, there is always a basic movement, which resulted in the movement of the possibility of replacement parts. Especially as Omega, Longines that is widely owned brands. I remember a decade ago began to study antique table, in a lot of assembly table move. For example, to Caliber Cal.565 Omega movement to replace the Caliber Caliber movement of the Observatory and other practices, the novice does not look much different, the movement is also considered normal, but the veteran on the plywood can be based on the inscriptions and color to determine.
Many years ago, some of the Friends of the table regardless of whether the cover opened, with or without repair history and other issues is disdain, but soon understand the “90% of the table is broken bad” view is indeed insightful. Second-hand table, especially some of the less antique production table, the movement of special structure, rare parts, learning is not fine things small, if the repair master is holding only a mechanical repair tool attitude, in all likelihood bad things. Once on a Patek Philippe Cal.27-460M antique movement calendar conversion actions have doubts, sent to the table is also a fan of the maintenance of the master where the check and found that the maintenance of the master before the calendar tray pawl position loaded wrong, But also easily spend a few screws screw. So for the antiques movement of the original degree to maintain a serious attitude. Of course, in order to ensure the normal operation of the movement and replacement of parts with, you can be another matter, because the heart is not better than a change of artificial heart.
Identification of the movement is often not in the hands of the official, because of technical reasons, or the lack of information files, resulting in the difficulty and depth of movement identification. Today, you can according to the hands of the PP movement and case number, send an email to the PP Patek Philippe headquarters, spend 100 Swiss francs, you can make up a note of the factory and the date of sale, but the movement and dial original degree No Mentioned (not commented on) the “certificate”.
Case renovation is not much technical content, and pure hand. I witnessed in the second-hand watch stalls to see a “master”, wearing eyepiece, hand grasping metallographic sandpaper, a K gold watch the bottom cover for processing. I saw him with sandpaper pull a few times, looked for a moment, and then pull a few times. Put a slight scars of the bottom cover is stunned to pull into a very round shape, gold less it does not matter, the death of the edges and corners are lost, only the value of the table will be greatly reduced.
As for the buckle and other accessories, it is not so pay attention to the one not caused by the functional effects of the watch itself, and secondly the value is not high. However, for the pursuit of integrity of the table for friends, with the original buckle of the watch, the value to see a little higher. And like most of the antique table, in the year is the first table and buckle sales, today’s deduction of a deduction is not surprising. As for the table box, certificate (known as the “birth of paper”) whether to offer, then a matter of opinion, because such things are not difficult to match, unless you like the antique Omega “silver” box special packaging such as pursue.

How to distinguish the authenticity of Omega Watch ?

1. True OMEGA 1502.40 automatic steel deep blue face Observatory CAL.1120
2. False OMEGA 1302.10 gold between the gold-colored Observatory automatic models CAL.1120
Strictly speaking, this false watch dial processing is relatively close to the true table. Whether the color of the panel, Check the details, or the scale of the process, are almost the same as real table. False table of the two loopholes: one lies in the printing of the three-dimensional. True table words are three-dimensional, shiny, leave the table word is flat, dull, and I think this and printing methods have a relationship. OMEGA is that the two signs, not only a bit crooked paste, and concave in the middle a little, it seems and really some gaps. But do not know if this is a personality problem or common problems. This is worth mentioning that the false light of the table to do a very detailed, very smooth on the pointer of the luminous coating, the scale behind the luminous position is also very positive, very round. In the night environment, even if the false appearance of the luminous table than the real bright.
2. Glass
On this point, leave the table is not so much cost to plagiarism. True table glass with a coated sapphire glass, the outer ring made a smooth chamfer. The reflection and refraction of light have a good effect, and leave the table although the use of the sapphire, but it is not chamfered products, the outer part of the relatively rough, do not see lavender coating. From the photos you can see, true table can clearly see the details of the glass below the dial, and leave the table there is some reflection of the existence.
3. Case
True and false case steel texture and grinding process, is very similar. From the front of the satin polished to the side of the four claws of the mosaic process, and then to the outer ring on the Roman alphabet of the depth, color, false table really do not lose in the real table. In particular, the details of the four claws, with a magnifying glass to see, true table there is not place in place mosaic, and leave the table is fully in place. Had doubly depressed.
4. Head
It can be said that only the false head of the table and really not any significant difference. Want to come also, so the process is not difficult. With a magnifying glass look, in addition to the angle of the head angular angle and a little lack of three-dimensional, and OMEGA the head of the three-dimensional signs, the difference between true and false are almost invisible. This can not be said that the million-level OMEGA in the process of a regret.
5 Back cover.
Can be said that the false cover of the table to do is very similar. Can be seen from the picture,
Frame imitation of the true mirror of the table polished, the middle of the table to simulate the real drawing process, are not pick the wrong. That is, using a magnifying glass to see, it is difficult to see a significant difference. The only difference is that the wire drawing process is slightly thicker. In the middle of the Observatory modeling, false table comparison table a little fat, which may be related to their copy of the sculpture. Eight stars in the sky position and size exactly the same, the difference is that the true table of stars deal with three-dimensional, the middle of the stars higher than the edge. The false processing of the stars into a flat plane. The entire central processing, real table with a very flat rough surface, a bit like Akiko Okoko rough bottom way, while the false table is a lot of rough, grainy and scattered too. Again, serial number, each a full OMEGA will be engraved in the back cover below a separate serial number, to see this only fake table, of course, did not ignore this detail. Serial number is also engraved like a decent model. Lettering is also very clear, but there seems to be no black oil clean-up. Do not know what this process left. I listen to a number of friends within the line, said the number of each false table is different, which is undoubtedly more advanced counterfeit technology. Internal processing is more like. In addition to using a red rubber waterproof ring at the same time, the inner cover of the circular arrangement are exactly the same grinding. Lettering content is almost the same, even for the clearer lettering table. The only detail that is not noticed is the OMEGA logo. Modern OMEGA logo with a round, and leave the table into the antique OMEGA long slender waist logo. Overall to evaluate, fake to such a hidden, consumers do not see the cover are so hard to do, can not be said to be well-intentioned, true to the table of a challenge.
6. OMEGA logo with lead inlay.
This is the real details of distress. Really, although the use of gold as a mosaic, but the three-dimensional sense and clarity even better than false form.

OMEGA Constellation Introduction

Omega Constellation Watch (OMEGA Constellation Series Introduction

In 1982, Omega introduced a new watch, then the introduction of a very high profile and classic design concept. This constellation series “Manhattan” watch, with the iconic “claw” design, making it the world’s most easy to identify one of the watches. For nearly three decades, this watch is still very popular. In 2009, Omega for the entire series to bring a new look and redesign, and enhance its functions, attract more people who love this series of watches.

The new constellation watch design inspiration from the original series of classic style: the inherent star pattern at 6 o’clock position, while the classic care claw refined and improved, is still the unique characteristics of each constellation watch. The bracelet follows the chain link, while the new “Mono Rang” strap has been redesigned to ensure a more comfortable wrist.

Brand new constellation watch also added a new design elements, and the previous models have a certain difference: a dazzling surface, with silver, champagne, white pearl shells, black or brown to choose from, and decorated by the constellation series The star marks the center out of the scattered texture. Plated rhodium or 18K gold triangular arch pointer by luminous coating treatment.

All new constellation watch, water depth of 100 meters / 10 bar / 330 feet.

Omega deville series watches recommendation

OMEGA Swiss watch brand. Beginning in 1848, Omega in sailing, track and field, swimming and other world-class events as the standard time, and often sponsor the European golf tournament, won the Olympic Games designated timer up to 31 times. Omega is the first and only one in the moon was worn on the watch. Disc flying De Ville is the classic series of Omega watches.

Omega deville series price

Omega deville series prices are generally a few million or so, disc flying De Ville is the classical elegance of the Omega product line. De Ville in French is the meaning of the city, in 1960, the watch industry in a thin trend since the birth of the times, with the evolution of the times, De Ville will always maintain the elegant atmosphere of gentlemen and ladies. Introduced Co-Axial Chronometer X2 in 2005; 2007, equipped with the Omega self-movement of the Hour Vision, take Our Vision homophonic, meaning betting time vision, more towards a new stage .

Omega deville series watches Recommended:

1, Omega Omega-flying series 424. mechanical male form
This omega-Omega disc series 424. men’s mechanical watch is the first use of Omega coaxial escapement movement watch, classical style design combines precision and durability known for coaxial escapement, for the Omega watch more than 150 years of history made the best interpretation. Round polished case and arc-shaped surface showing the watch’s traditional and stable style; rhombus with the Roman numerals with the word mashup scale, highlighting the classic beauty, three o’clock direction of the date display. Black alligator strap with traditional pin buckle, more elegant. Innovative coaxial escapement symbol of the courage to innovate the brand watch attitude, this watch can be said to combine elegance and precision Omega brand spirit of the finished product.

Omega deville series watches Recommended:

2,  Omega-disc series 431. mechanical male form
This Hour Vision Blue “bright blue” watch, Omega is to promote the cooperation between Omega and international Orbis production, hope through such a good watch to cause people to pay attention to this non-profit organizations, in-depth understanding They work around the world to combat preventable blindness and eye diseases.

Omega deville series watches Recommended:

3, Omega-flying series 424. mechanical male form
424. dish flying saucer flying coaxial watch – stainless steel case on the stainless steel bracelet features by the Swiss official observatory certification date display crystal mirror arc-shaped anti-wear sapphire crystal, the internal anti-reflective case of stainless steel Case Dial Water resistant to silver 30 meters (100 feet) Size Case diameter 36.8 mm Movement Omega 2500 coaxial escapement Automatic winding chronograph movement, plated surface. Power reserve for 48 hours.

OMEGA Speedmaster Introduction

OMEGA Speedmaster series profile

For more than half a century, the Omega Speedmaster watch witnessed many challenges the limits of the human body and the courage of the glorious historical moments, including the first manned lunar landing in 1969, and NASA since March 1965, manned space missions .

Omega Speedmaster professional chronograph in the history of space exploration to occupy an important seat. Since the mid-1960s Gemini program began, to the current international space station program, super-table is the NASA manned space program has only been used in the equipment. As early as the official recognition before the two single-Mercury mission of the astronauts have been selected to wear super-table.

Super table design unique, and other chronograph watch different. This watch is equipped with a black surface, luminous pointer, tachometer scale, waterproof case, screw bottom cover, arc-shaped crystal and additional protective movement cover, one by one show strong personality. Iconic super table surface, with a minute timer disk, hour counter and small seconds dial. Press the button on the top of the table side to start or stop the timing of the second hand, press the bottom of the button to zero.

In 1957, Omega introduced the first super table. The watch is highly accurate, rugged and reliable, easy to read and use and known by the 321 movement driven.

In addition to a small number of minor technical improvements, this chronograph since 1957, basically no significant change.

In 1968, the 861 movement replaced the 321 movement. This improved movement integration of the latest technology crystallization, is still continuing production, 1996 Omega introduced high-quality rhodium-plated mechanical movement, 861 movement will be renamed 1861 movement.