Omega watch features – the achievements and the perfect representative

Omega brand introduction

Wear Omega watches, on behalf of the achievements and perfect, Omega watch industry and the advertising industry are well-known name from the Greek alphabet (omega), began in 1848, loved by the taste of people. Omega in sailing, track and field, swimming and other world-class events as the standard time, and often sponsor the European golf tournament, won the Olympic Games designated timer up to 31 times. Omega is the first and only one was worn on the moon watch.
Omega first to carry coaxial escapement technology

Omega Coaxial Escapement System – A Revolution of the Advanced Watch Industry. In the beginning of the third millennium, Omega grand launch of innovative technology to redefine the whole mechanical tabulation theory. Escapement system is the soul of each mechanical form the core components, the basic manufacturing theory behind it has been unchanged for more than 200 years. Today, Omega worn out, and watchmakers George Daniels co-developed a new escapement coaxial escapement system design. The latest design mainly by the coaxial escapement device, with 3 jeweled escapement fork and the impeller on the wheel of the gem and a non-card balance hairspring balance wheel. Coaxial escapement system can effectively reduce the friction between the gem components, so that the watch in the long-term operation is still maintained under the precision and accuracy.
Omega brand positioning characteristics

Excellent quality, a century classic. After the above comparison can be seen: Omega brand watches have a strong potential market competitiveness. Its marketing target not only for 12–24 year-old generation, but includes all ages, it is luxurious and noble fashion, and suitable for any class of people, has a huge sales market. Now the popular saying: a taste of people do not spend money to buy gold chain, but spend money to buy a fine noble time with the body.

Omega watches features

(1) Omega is now using the mechanical movement is the patent movement, is produced. Big brands, high-end taste, suitable for people who have temperament to wear, age 20 to 50 are suitable for a few, the specific age to wear a different series of styles. In terms of technology and design, Omega not only has numerous accurate records, and excellent design, the first number of technologies, such as manufacturing the world’s first only in the tourbillon watch. Escapement system is the soul of each mechanical watch the core components, coaxial escapement system can effectively reduce the friction between the gem components, so that the watch is still under long-term operation to maintain precision and accuracy.

(2) Omega counter to buy in general are more than 10,000. Omega watches in the industry are high-end brands. But Omega does not mind positioning itself in the mid-range, it does not go with Patek Philippe (PP), Jaeger-LeCoultre (JL), Cartier (Cartier), Audemars Piguet (AP) and Vacheron Constantin (VC) and other handmade watches Competition, (Tissot), Plum (Titoni), Swatch (Swatch) and among many Japanese watches, with the traditional precision and modern sensibility, Omega long-sleeved dance, fame and fortune.