OMEGA Speedmaster Introduction

OMEGA Speedmaster series profile

For more than half a century, the Omega Speedmaster watch witnessed many challenges the limits of the human body and the courage of the glorious historical moments, including the first manned lunar landing in 1969, and NASA since March 1965, manned space missions .

Omega Speedmaster professional chronograph in the history of space exploration to occupy an important seat. Since the mid-1960s Gemini program began, to the current international space station program, super-table is the NASA manned space program has only been used in the equipment. As early as the official recognition before the two single-Mercury mission of the astronauts have been selected to wear super-table.

Super table design unique, and other chronograph watch different. This watch is equipped with a black surface, luminous pointer, tachometer scale, waterproof case, screw bottom cover, arc-shaped crystal and additional protective movement cover, one by one show strong personality. Iconic super table surface, with a minute timer disk, hour counter and small seconds dial. Press the button on the top of the table side to start or stop the timing of the second hand, press the bottom of the button to zero.

In 1957, Omega introduced the first super table. The watch is highly accurate, rugged and reliable, easy to read and use and known by the 321 movement driven.

In addition to a small number of minor technical improvements, this chronograph since 1957, basically no significant change.

In 1968, the 861 movement replaced the 321 movement. This improved movement integration of the latest technology crystallization, is still continuing production, 1996 Omega introduced high-quality rhodium-plated mechanical movement, 861 movement will be renamed 1861 movement.