Omega old watches, decorative and luxury quality sharing

Omega old watches and clocks is decorative and luxury quality of the double owner, in the design and practical application of the match to win more admirers of vision, a long history of existence is the only constant trust.

Omega old watch the history of the process

Omega old watch the world: one hundred and fifty years, the Omega watch industry in the world firmly occupy the vanguard position, laying impressive achievements. In 1848, the birth of the Swiss Confederation, Louis Brandt (Louis Brandt) and La Chaux-de-Fonds (La Chaux-de-Fonds) began to watch the assembly work. In 1880, Louis Brandt’s sons, Louis-Paul and Csar, relocated the factory to the fully manned, resource-rich and easily accessible Bienne region. Since then, the use of mechanized production, uniform specifications parts, and the introduction of a new division of the system assembly work, fitted with precision and accurate, high quality and reasonable price of the table. Omega 19 world-famous movement in 1894 after the launch, not only become a symbol of excellence, the company also named “Omega.” Since then, Omega watch with its advanced technology, watch industry has become a pioneer of 150 years.
Omega old clock design features

Omega watches are the world’s leading Swiss watches, Omega watches, regardless of the various series of male or female form are very concerned about the table, Omega watches and clocks of the super series of male table design domineering, masculine atmosphere, very suitable for everyday boys wear. Ladies watch Omega old clock Butterfly fly series (De Ville) the most popular, is the connotation of literary and art design line, this series watch elegant and luxurious design, suitable for formal occasions to wear.
Omega old watch has its own unique cognitive methods

Omega watches have the old production serial number, but also a table on the 1st, is also unique. Often engraved on the back cover of the old Omega watch, or in the Omega old watch a shell behind the claw, an 8-digit number. If it is a mechanical watch, then the production of that 8-digit serial number will appear in the movement of the edge of the splint, the old Omega watch case production sequence and the movement is the same.
Omega old watch the external quality is perfect

Authentic Omega watch movement within the plywood or placed on the corresponding trademark thallium words; movement in Omega watches and clocks in the old watch case components. The following recommended an Omega fashion watch, feel the same process.
Omega old watch allows you to have the most powerful perfect feeling, but also to give yourself a good only powerful feel the best decorative luxury, choose the old Omega watches is a very good fashion choice.