Omega mechanical watch matters needing attention

Omega watch has developed a number of series. Omega Classic four series for the constellation constellation, hippocampus, Speedmaster, disc flying. If not pay attention to wear, it will cause damage to the watch. So, Omega mechanical watch what is it?
Omega manual mechanical watch the use of Note:

1. Do not open their own Omega watch back cover.
2. Strap length adjustment Small adjustment can move the needle position, a substantial adjustment to be removable strap axis.
3. Omega watches, try not to touch water, steam, high temperature and corrosive gases, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the movement and appearance. At the same time to avoid strong vibration, and away from the strong magnetic field environment.
4. Every 24 hours on a full winding time to ensure that enough time to jump on the power required. 12 points on the clockwork up table, clockwise rotation of the table above the full winding. Note that after the full winding of the table will not be forced to rotate, so as not to twist off the handle shaft or winding.
5. Quickly adjust the calendar to be pulled out of the table, the hour hand at 12 o’clock counterclockwise direction dial 3 to 4 hours, then clockwise direction back to 12 points, the calendar that is fast-adjusted day. Unplug the table to rotate, so that the minute hand clockwise rotation of two laps, but also make the calendar along the jump day.

Omega automatic mechanical watch to use Note:

1. Do not open the back cover of the non-professional to prevent damage.
2. Omega watch must be adjusted after the head back to the end.
3. Omega mechanical automatic table in the wearer’s activities may be smaller when walking Pianman, this is a normal phenomenon.
4. Omega strap length adjustment: a small adjustment to move the needle position, a substantial adjustment to be removable Omega strap with tablets.