Omega launch of the new Railmaster watches

Recently, the internationally renowned Swiss watch Omega in the Simpong East Express train, the grand launch of its 2015 new Railmaster series of watches. Activities attracted a number of Omega VIP participation, including the Omega celebrity ambassador Anna Kournikova, the international supermodel Chi Chi and well-known movie star Simon Yam, who recently boarded the car from Vienna to Prague old train, enjoy a paragraph Wonderful unforgettable journey!

The Simpong Orient Express, which carries a history of railroad development and depicts the life of European high society, has been telling the romantic romance about ancient European landscapes, and the classic reasoning novel by the woman writer Agatha Christie And his pen detective Polo, even this column is very luxurious and mysterious Oriental Express became a household name.
Omega in 1895 for the China Railway Bureau created the first official railway table, then, until the 1970s, one after another for the rest of the world Railway Bureau to produce tens of thousands of official railway table. In 1957, Omega Railmaster watches first available, then only specifically for railway employees and design. Watch the installation of a double anti-magnetic case, to ensure that the movement is not affected by the power of the magnetic field. The new Railmaster Railmaster watch, in addition to retaining the prototype design features, while the installation of the Omega revolutionary coaxial escapement movement to ensure the accuracy of movement.

There is nothing more than the Simpulun Oriental Express sleepless trip, more real expression of Omega iron table and the railway more than 100 years of development history of the puzzled source. The Simpulun Orient Express provides a perfect setting for the launch of Omega’s watch – a journey of historic and aristocratic railroads, crafted in the 18th century Art Deco style , All showing that era unique elegance. In a specially designed and extremely exciting adventure journey, the reproduction of Agatha Christie’s well-known “Oriental Train Anecdote”, so that all the guests like the shuttle in the ancient and modern history, between reality and dreams. Here, Omega surprise to show the antique rail watch to the new meaning of the latest Iron Pa series of watches – the idea of originality of the activities of impressive.