Omega Ladymatic series watches

When the Omega introduced Ladymatic watches  in 1955 for the first time , the name to accurately convey the characteristics of this series: developed specifically for women, automatic winding watch. Cikuan watch live up to expectations, a woman’s mechanical watch the benchmark.

Ladymatic watches are equipped with Omega 8520/8521 coaxial movement, carrying silicon hairspring balance wheel coaxial movement to bring more stable extraordinary performance, therefore, this watch has emboldened with up to 4 years after-sales service guarantee.
Qi Huo complex function of the female table

The term “machine”, in short, is a machine which, as a general mechanical concept, can be traced back to the Roman period, primarily to distinguish it from hand tools. The English machine is the source of the Greek mechine and Latin meci na combination, meaning “clever design.” The female form, in the beginning of the purpose is to women’s decoration, watch the beginning of the birth of the main even as this is the use of women’s table, when the male form in appearance, technology and other aspects have reached a culmination of the position, now Female table has been more and more big re-attention, to some extent, this can be considered a “return.” Ms. customer groups are no longer satisfied with the watch shape only beautifully, but in function, technically to the male table in line. The real table of women, not to men.