Omega grand ceremony held in Beijing which pay tribute to women

More than a hundred years, Omega  has always been committed to the production of bright and elegant ladies watch, the appearance of the United States and the perfect blend of movement in each watch. Recently, Omega held a grand ceremony in Beijing to pay tribute to women celebrate the brand in the manufacture of women’s watch made brilliant achievements. Sohu Fashion is also on this occasion, an exclusive interview with Omega President and CEO of the world, Mr. An Shiwen.
Sohu fashion: how more sensible female consumers to convey the METAS certification of outstanding standards, and the precision of the necessity of mechanical watches?

An Shiwen: Yes, I also think that women sometimes prefer the appearance of exquisite than watch the internal, in fact, many men are the same. You can talk to the customer about the performance of the watch, but the appearance of the watch must also be attractive. The secret to selling our wristwatches to female customers is that we know women prefer small-sized watches that look like jewelery or fashion jewelry. From this perspective, more women will choose to buy a watch as an accessory, and because of its decorative and want to wear it, not entirely for the timing function. But the men on the contrary, they always want to understand the various aspects of the watch, watch the quality and accuracy of travel time in their range of considerations.
Sohu fashion: the future whether there will be a new Chinese ambassadors Omega plan?

An Shiwen: We have a very large team, at the same time they are also very loyal employees, many of whom have been working in Omega for many years. We have a strong understanding of the Chinese market and Chinese consumers, thanks to our offices in six locations in China. Everywhere in China we have Omega shop, every day many people are working for us. In marketing, we also have professional digital marketing experts. We are not a group of Europeans, menacing to give orders. I often discuss this with my friends, I think the development of China’s ambassador for the needs of celebrities Omega is very urgent. In the world of watch industry, we have a number of outstanding celebrity ambassadors. For example, tonight we will see the Nicole Kidman, and such as Daniel Craig and George Grueney. They come to China almost every year. Omega has many good friends. If you ask me whether Omega will develop more brands of good friends in China, even if they are not well-known to all major billboards and magazines, the answer is yes. There are many people are wearing our watch, and many of them are the stories we want to share. But at the same time I also believe that, as a luxury brand, the location of our brand determines its bearing the value of immeasurable. We have a lot of faithful Chinese friends, and you will see some tonight, and they are very interesting to us.
Sohu fashion: how to look at the Chinese ladies watch Omega market?

An Shiwen: China’s women’s watch market with the world’s ladies watch market has a lot in common, but the Chinese market is relatively more mature. Chinese women are very aware of their preferences and goals, as some European countries, like women, Chinese women want what they want very clear. In their hearts, watch is still the most want to have fashion accessories. In some other countries, women may be subordinated to their husbands’ decisions, so the Chinese market is more developed than the women’s watch market in these countries. Especially the young generation of Chinese women, they are well educated, and very willing to buy their own watch. This is what I expect.

I know that the development of Chinese women’s watch market is perfect, because the constellation series in China’s sales performance is excellent. This series has become the best-selling models on the Chinese market is one of many women choose the first choice for women’s watch.