Old Omega watch identification and collection

Folk is the largest market second-hand table, and second-hand table such as antique table identification is also civil. Where there is a market, where there is demand, where the birth of experts. If you are determined to start second-hand table, especially the antique table, a float in the sea for many years the old table fans accompanying is necessary, without him, cooked Seoul. In all fairness, watch three hundred years, one by one to enumerate the differential, difficult!
Omega antique table
Antique table is the most important category, as what is the “antique table”? Although commonly referred to as “antique” word to the historical scale, but due to the history of the clock is still short, not like furniture, Towards several generations, as long as no longer continue to produce the table, can be described as the “antique table.”
Writer expert energy is limited, even the case, the movement of the mark, has not seen a comprehensive identification of the book. In any case, the accumulation of knowledge is needed, pay tuition is also necessary. Taiwan saw a home second-hand table treasure, you know to become experts, the tuition fees will be ruthless.
As for the identification of the movement, compared with the dial identification is not so intuitive, and need to have a certain degree of expertise, and even have to repair the experience to be competent. Different models and grades of the movement, there is always a basic movement, which resulted in the movement of parts may be interchangeable. Especially as Omega Omega, Longines Longines that is widely owned brands. I remember a decade ago began to study antique table, on a lot of assembly table in the move. For example, to Caliber Cal.565 Omega movement to replace the Caliber Caliber movement of the Observatory and other practices, the novice does not look much different, the movement is also considered normal, but the veteran on the splint can be based on the inscriptions and color discrimination.
Many years ago, some of the Friends of the table regardless of whether the cover opened, with or without repair history and other issues is disdain, but soon understand the “90% of the table is broken bad” view is indeed insightful. Second-hand table, especially some of the less antique production table, the movement of special structure, rare parts, learning is not fine small things, if the repair master is holding only a mechanical products repair attitude, in all likelihood bad things. Once on a Patek Philippe Cal.27-460M antique movement calendar conversion actions have doubts, sent to the table is also a fan of the maintenance of the master where the check and found that the maintenance of the master before the calendar tray pawl position loaded wrong, But also easily spend a few screws screw. So for the antiques movement of the original degree to maintain a serious attitude. Of course, in order to ensure the normal operation of the replacement of parts with the replacement, you can be another matter, because the heart is better than die for a better.
Identification of the movement is often not in the hands of the official, because of technical reasons, or the lack of information files, resulting in the difficulty and depth of movement identification. Today you can according to the hands of the PP movement and case number, send an email to the PP Patek Philippe headquarters, spend 100 Swiss francs, you can make up a note of the factory and the date of sale, but the movement and dial original degree No Mentioned (not commented on) the “certificate”.
Case renovation is not much technical content, and pure hand. I witnessed in the second-hand watch stand to see a “master”, wearing eyepieces, hand grasping metallographic sandpaper, a K gold watch the bottom cover for processing. I saw him with sandpaper pull a few times, looked for a moment, and then pull a few. Put a slight scars of the bottom cover is stunned to pull into a very round shape, gold less it does not matter, the death of the edges and corners are lost, only the value of the table will be greatly reduced.
Know a table of friends, each to different places, “study” second-hand market, will collect the watch advertising paper, whether it is leaflets or newspapers and magazines advertising pictures. Over time, not only can be bound into a book, and become the basis for the identification of goods. Very admire the Friends of the foresight and perseverance, if the antique table with a slight doubt, as long as the corresponding “advertising paper”, compete with the legislation. In fact, for an antique table, there are signs of normal wear or maintenance of small scratches left, as long as the original degree of maintenance, the total acceptable. Second-hand table vendors in order to meet the appearance of some people’s requirements, drastic, ruthless examples of endless. Accidentally, these tables really become a “hands”, it is difficult to have the next hand to undertake.
As for the buckle and other accessories, it is not so pay attention to the one not caused by the functional effects of the watch itself, and secondly the value is not high. However, for the pursuit of integrity of the table for friends, with the original buckle of the watch, the value to see a little higher. And like most of the antique table, in the year is the first table and buckle sales, today’s deduction of a deduction is not surprising. As for the table box, certificate (known as the “birth of paper”) whether to offer, then a matter of opinion, because such things are not difficult to match, unless you like the antique Omega “silver” box special packaging such as pursue.