How to distinguish the authenticity of Omega Watch ?

1. True OMEGA 1502.40 automatic steel deep blue face Observatory CAL.1120
2. False OMEGA 1302.10 gold between the gold-colored Observatory automatic models CAL.1120
Strictly speaking, this false watch dial processing is relatively close to the true table. Whether the color of the panel, Check the details, or the scale of the process, are almost the same as real table. False table of the two loopholes: one lies in the printing of the three-dimensional. True table words are three-dimensional, shiny, leave the table word is flat, dull, and I think this and printing methods have a relationship. OMEGA is that the two signs, not only a bit crooked paste, and concave in the middle a little, it seems and really some gaps. But do not know if this is a personality problem or common problems. This is worth mentioning that the false light of the table to do a very detailed, very smooth on the pointer of the luminous coating, the scale behind the luminous position is also very positive, very round. In the night environment, even if the false appearance of the luminous table than the real bright.
2. Glass
On this point, leave the table is not so much cost to plagiarism. True table glass with a coated sapphire glass, the outer ring made a smooth chamfer. The reflection and refraction of light have a good effect, and leave the table although the use of the sapphire, but it is not chamfered products, the outer part of the relatively rough, do not see lavender coating. From the photos you can see, true table can clearly see the details of the glass below the dial, and leave the table there is some reflection of the existence.
3. Case
True and false case steel texture and grinding process, is very similar. From the front of the satin polished to the side of the four claws of the mosaic process, and then to the outer ring on the Roman alphabet of the depth, color, false table really do not lose in the real table. In particular, the details of the four claws, with a magnifying glass to see, true table there is not place in place mosaic, and leave the table is fully in place. Had doubly depressed.
4. Head
It can be said that only the false head of the table and really not any significant difference. Want to come also, so the process is not difficult. With a magnifying glass look, in addition to the angle of the head angular angle and a little lack of three-dimensional, and OMEGA the head of the three-dimensional signs, the difference between true and false are almost invisible. This can not be said that the million-level OMEGA in the process of a regret.
5 Back cover.
Can be said that the false cover of the table to do is very similar. Can be seen from the picture,
Frame imitation of the true mirror of the table polished, the middle of the table to simulate the real drawing process, are not pick the wrong. That is, using a magnifying glass to see, it is difficult to see a significant difference. The only difference is that the wire drawing process is slightly thicker. In the middle of the Observatory modeling, false table comparison table a little fat, which may be related to their copy of the sculpture. Eight stars in the sky position and size exactly the same, the difference is that the true table of stars deal with three-dimensional, the middle of the stars higher than the edge. The false processing of the stars into a flat plane. The entire central processing, real table with a very flat rough surface, a bit like Akiko Okoko rough bottom way, while the false table is a lot of rough, grainy and scattered too. Again, serial number, each a full OMEGA will be engraved in the back cover below a separate serial number, to see this only fake table, of course, did not ignore this detail. Serial number is also engraved like a decent model. Lettering is also very clear, but there seems to be no black oil clean-up. Do not know what this process left. I listen to a number of friends within the line, said the number of each false table is different, which is undoubtedly more advanced counterfeit technology. Internal processing is more like. In addition to using a red rubber waterproof ring at the same time, the inner cover of the circular arrangement are exactly the same grinding. Lettering content is almost the same, even for the clearer lettering table. The only detail that is not noticed is the OMEGA logo. Modern OMEGA logo with a round, and leave the table into the antique OMEGA long slender waist logo. Overall to evaluate, fake to such a hidden, consumers do not see the cover are so hard to do, can not be said to be well-intentioned, true to the table of a challenge.
6. OMEGA logo with lead inlay.
This is the real details of distress. Really, although the use of gold as a mosaic, but the three-dimensional sense and clarity even better than false form.