How to distinguish between true and false Omega ?

Watch the watch by looking, the Omega alphabet logo and look at the watch function to identify the authenticity of Omega watches. With the following tips, leave the table can not escape your discernment!
1, watch the appearance of signs to distinguish true and false. The first step is to carefully observe the watch dial, table back cover and the mark on the table to distinguish whether the signs are highly consistent, if the mark appears different, most likely counterfeit products.
2, logo clear and delicate texture. Watch experts advise, true ‘Omega’ watch dial pattern on the omega mark is a “Omega” letter, false “Omega watches” a “Omega” letter is fuzzy. Original table surface is the bottom edge of a row of very small letters and numbers, fake watches do not. Authentic table dial pattern on the bottom of a row of letters is omega, and the other end of the mark at the end of the trademark mark, the empty place is smooth. Counterfeit “Omega” is full of pockmarks, there is no letter mark, but also rough.
3, watch the watch function. Genuine watch full-featured, watch the dial knob can be pulled out two, the first is transferred date, the second is the clock. Leave the table can only pull out one. The key above the knob is the key to the tune. Fake watch is transferred date, or only decorative effect, true table dial white, text Qingxiu, luminous to maintain a long time counterfeit brand dial yellowish, text poor, luminous to keep time short.