How much money can be recovered of the used Omega watches ?

In the Swiss watch industry, Omega represents the deep and innovation. Most Omega mechanical movements have received the Swiss official Observatory’s test, and repeatedly hit the most accurate timing record. The Omega watch design is also constantly seeking perfection, revealing the same distinguished temperament.
Omega watch recycling price, how much money recycling second-hand Omega watches? For example: a woman Omega butterflies fly series quartz female form purchase price is 50000 yuan, single table, no accessories, bought two years. According to the second-hand watch market to estimate the recovery of this table price is about 10,000 yuan, if it is bought not long, fineness fairly new, accessories, security card, the box is full, then the recovery price will be relatively high , It is estimated to reach 12,500 yuan; and if the same is a butterflies flying men’s mechanical watches, then bought the price is 80,000 yuan, a single table can be recovered to 240,000 yuan. If the annex is complete, compared to better products can be up to 32,000 yuan.
Omega Wrist has launched a number of series, including the birth in 1948 by the diving enthusiasts and explorers like the hippocampus series; Zengyin travel space is famous for the world’s most famous chronograph super-Pa series; the world Range of the most recognizable fashionable watches section of the constellation series; equipped with Omega record collar table altar coaxial escapement skills, classic and elegant dish flying series. Another series of special museums, luxury jewelry and luxury leather series.