From the appearance of distinguish fake Omega

From the appearance of counterfeit Omega watches fake Omega watches Omega watches is one of the most counterfeit Swiss watches, but also all counterfeit watches, the highest level of fraud, some high imitation of the watch is really enough to spurious. What is the simple method, can you distinguish true and false Omega watches ? Here to tell you about:
(A) look at the production of serial number
Almost all Omega watches are produced serial number, but also a table on the 1st, and is unique. It is usually engraved on the back cover of the watch, or behind the back of a watch’s claw, an 8-digit number. If it is a mechanical watch, then the production of the 8-digit serial number will appear in the movement of the edge of the plywood, the production of serial number and movement of the case is the same.
The true serial number of the production is engraved, deep and very clear, if it is engraved on the table after the cover, it will be consistent with the back cover of the arc, that is, the numbers are arranged in a circular arc, and Fake watches are generally horizontal rows. Omega watch the current production of the production serial number have been carved in a shell claw position behind the number of carved very small and intensive, this practice is also not imitate the current false table. False production of the serial number is basically a number, and whether male or female form, no matter what type, once I found about three fake Omega, the production serial number is actually the same (80456374, see pictures ). In this case,
(B) look at the case logo
In particular, K gold watch, the logo on the case are more, such as the balance pattern, 18K or 750 mark, St. Bernard’s dog head or “protect the country goddess” woman head tag, these markers are stamping very small And clear, leave the table are often thick and fuzzy.
(C) to see the strap logo
If it is a metal strap, the discount strap will be engraved with some logo, there must be a strap number, leave the table generally do relatively large and relatively rough rough, the local process can be bad Do, leave the table here are often revealed. If it is K gold watch, strap buckle must also be K gold, gold must also be engraved with those signs, there is no gold-plated, and recently found some belts Omega watches, in this place a problem, Then at least it is not the original strap.