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8500 as a popular omega watch

8500 as a popular model will not miss the natural imitation table but it does not like 2824 2892 as a ready-made direct use of seagull core

Common is directly in the Citizen like the movement on the block splint gates look quite like
The current shock absorber is a self-made shock can not imitate but in fact there are many details do not see the shock can be identified as genuine and fake
1. true 85 plywood that bridge and one end of the lug connection is almost parallel; false obvious angle
2. true 85 balance is black; false some are black, some are golden
3. True 85 automatic Tuo middle is solid; false in the middle is hollow

4. Omega is a special shock absorbers believe that many Friends of the bar is to look at this identification, of course, look directly at this can be a true and false, but many intentional cover shock absorber map you know
5. true 85 gem bright color and size than the larger false; fake color subdued
6. True 85 refers to the place where the gem in the upper plywood slot significantly more than half; fake slot is very shallow in less than half
7. True 85 refers to the two nuts are dark; false color is not necessarily a
8. 85 here will reveal a half hole-like structure; false without this hole
In fact, there are many details of the 8500 very good identification of false work significantly worse